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The College of Materials Science and Engineering is not only a college that focuses on researcher cultivation, scientific researching and technology exploration in the field of materials science and engineering and the related aspects, but also a comprehensive college that makes combination of science, engineering and medicine by keeping ahead of both of the traditional advantages and the newly interdisciplinary study characterized high technologies. The College of Materials Science and Engineering has: three departments (Department of Materials Science, Department of Metalic Material, and Department of Inorganic Material ); five major laboratories (of materials physics, materials chemistry, metallic material engineering, non-metal inorganic material engineering ); one national experimental teaching Demonstration center (The national experimental teaching Demonstration center of Materials Science and Engineering in Sichuan University); six research organization supported by Ministry of Education and Sichuan Province (Materials Science and Engineering key laboratory of Sichuan Province, Research Center of Ministry of Education on materials and devices of Renewable Energy, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education (Class-B), Rare earth materials and engineering application Research Center of Sichuan Province, Nano materials and engineering research center of Sichuan Province, Nano powders research center of Sichuan Province); one base center of researcher cultivation and scientific research (The Base Center of researcher cultivation on Material Physics and Chemistry); one study instruction group (The study instruction group of materials physics and chemistry); eight university-classed research institutions (Institution of Solar energy materials and devices, institution of optoelectrical information materials and devices, institution of electroceramics and devices, institution of functional materials, institution of engineering materials, institution of new inorganic materials, institution of supper tiny powders ); two university-classed interdisciplinary study centers (research center of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, research center of new functional optoelectrical materials and devices).

There are 91 teachers in the college, which includes 1 academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one group member in Subject evaluation of State Council, 2 commissaries of study-guidance committee of Ministry of Education, 11 scientific research and technology exploration leaders in Sichuan Province, 5 distinguish experts in Sichuan Province, 4 new century talents of Ministry of Education, 1 top teacher in Sichuan Province, 21 PhD. Advisors, 25 professors, 36 associate professors, and 73.6% of all of the teachers are qualified by doctoral degree. The college is organized by 5 undergraduate majors (materials physics, materials chemistry, metallic material engineering, non-metal inorganic materials engineering ), 6 master and doctor programs (materials physics and chemistry, materials science, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, condensed physics and optic engineering), 3 post-doctor programs (materials science and engineeringand physics). There are 1200 undergraduate and more than 300 mater and doctor students in the college. The majors of materials science and engineering are the first-class national key disciplines. And the materials science,  materials process engineering, and materials physics and chemistry are national key disciplines also. In addition, the total area of laboratory and research institution is about 6000m2, and the total value of varies experiment instruments is about 60 million yuan.

The teachers in the college have long experience on the research and instruction on materials science and engineering, condensed physics and the relevant fields. They successively take on varies projects from National Science Foundation, National “863” and “973” projects, National Research and development project, Army and Civil Research Project and other national and state-supported projects. During “the Tenth five-year” , the college received research foundation of more than 53 million yuan, and that increased to 80 million yuan during “the Eleventh five-year”. The college have attain many achievements on the aspects of new optoelectrical information materials and devices, electric functional materials, new energy materials, new metallic functional materials, nanomaterials, solid state spectrum. Recently, the researchers in the college have received 3 National Invent Awards, 1 National Science and Technology Improvement Award and more than 10 province-class science and technology improvement awards. In the recent decade, more than 1,100 publications were published on the international journals or the national journals, and among them, 1,100 ones were indexed by SCI and EI.

Based on the University motto “the ocean is exclusive for it embraces hundreds of rivers”, and its spirit is embodied in the following four words: preciseness, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation” and the university’s education concept “putting people first, admiring scholarship and pursuing excellence”, the college has formed a rich culture and solid foundation of education characterized by “scientific research pushes the instruction ahead, make research achievements into study practice; enhance creativity actions, improve research quality by scientific training, converge different subjects, create new majors by combining science, technology and medicine; cooperate with international organizations, broaden version by global education”. Recent years, the college has edited and published more 16 academic publications and text books, among which, one of them was evaluated as “Classic text book of higher education”. The college has got the permission to set up 1 national excellent course, 5 provincial-level excellent courses, 8 school-level excellent courses and the national experimental teaching Demonstration center of materials science and engineering. That greatly enhances the training of qualified person.

The college has wide cooperation with national and international universities or research institutions, such as University of Washington, University of Maryland, University of California at Los Angles, Queen Marry School at London University, University of London (QMUL), Nanyang Technological University, and some domestic universities and institutions, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Institute of Physics in Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Metal in Chinese Academy of Science and Shanghai Institute of Ceramics in Chinese Academy of Science. Many students in the college have more opportunities to go to study and to be high qualified talents in domestic or international universities and institutions.

Recent years, many excellent students successively were awarded by a variety of scholarships, such as Bao Steel Top Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Science Scholarship, Chinese Petroleum Scholarship, Chinese aerospace Scholarship, Chinese Pingan Scholarship, Heshibi Scholarship, Yongzhuang Scholarship, Yuntian Scholarship etc.

The college also has cooperation with some industry companies, such as Intel (Chengdu), Chongqing Bosai Mineral Company, Tianwei new energy, Emei semiconductor and Dongjun laser. In addition, they have set up different kinds of scholarship and assistantship to provide more efficient ways for the students who dreams of devoting themselves into materials science and engineering.

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